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Billeo helps user in online shopping by saving passwords and sensible data (See all)

The Billeo application gets installed on the Internet Explorer and saves (for later uses) account numbers, passwords, login names, user names, alias, etc. and auto-fills all the forms when enter a log-in page, or when paying or shopping over the Web.

All the sensible information and data are protected by means of 128-bit AES encryption process and saved on the user PC.

Every user sharing the system can create separate safe locations for keeping the apropriate identifications.

The Billeo application gets installed into the Internet Explorer and displays a toolbar for all the operations. It allows to save online payment confirmations, articles, itineraries (for travels), as well as email all the data to coleagues or travel companions.

The application offers an online assistant for helping user to shop and bill online. By means of the toolbar user can reach more than 5,200 websites, as an online billers directory, that earn points when paying with a credit card.

Billeo has a bill reminder for helping the user to avoid extra fees. The guaranteed access to login and auto-fill forms and online accounts saves time and adds security to all the shopping operations.

The Billeo toolbar advices the user when (s)he has to pay a bill, to avoid penalties and fees. Entering the purchaser page, the application logs the user in with a single click by filling the credir card, bank account number, etc. and saves the corresponding receipt.

The Bill Pay helps the user to remember upcoming bills and saves all the records about payments, receipts and payment confirmations.

Password Assistant helps user to manage all the user passwords.
Shopping Assistant allows user to administer online purchases, receipts and bills.

After any transaction, the application saves securely all the information as an AES standard 128-bit encrypted file on the user PC.

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  • Very complete application


  • It works over the Internet Explorer
  • No offline possibilities
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